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how does it work?

At coolgenes our main aim is to make the genetic testing experience as simple, fun and accessible, as possible. Over 3 years of research we have established methods that significantly reduce cost, thus enabling you to explore your genes without breaking the budget! We aim to provide you with the result within 3 working days after receiving the sample but it may take up to 10 days if the sample is a little more challenging. sample collection instructions



First, browse the tests we offer and pick the ones that interest you most. You can order a test for yourself, or surprise someone else – it makes a very original gift! On the check-out page you can select whether you want it delivered to you, or straight to the person.



When place your order we will prepare a “sample collection kit” that we send by post. You’ll receive a mysterious box in a plastic mailing bag that helps protect your privacy. The box contains two tubes, a manual and a mailing bag with the return address. Please rinse your mouth with tap water and allow 10-15 minutes before producing the sample - spitting. Spit into the empty plastic vial, with a white screw cap. Spit up to the red line marked on the side of the vial. We only require approx. 2ml of saliva.



As soon as the sample tube has been filled up to the marked line with your saliva, pour the preservative from the glass tube with a black lid into the sample. Cap the tube, ensure it’s completely screwed. Shake a little. It should double in volume and may become frothy.



Place the sample tube (plastic tube with a white cap) and the preservative tube (glass tube with a black cap) back into the box, close box and put it into the mailing bag included in the box with the return address. You can keep the manual, as you may want to read how we process the sample and what we do with it. Ensure you seal the bag and that postage is on the package (already included in the UK). Post it at any post office or put it in a post box if postage already included.



If the test was ordered for someone else, there will be a kit code in the box. This code can be used in the dashboard or entered during new user registration which will automatically add the details of the test to the account. Follow the progress of your order on your cool genes dashboard – we will let you know at what stage your sample is and you will also find the result when the testing is completed. You can see a screen shot below:

sample analysis screenshot

what is coolgenes?

We’re a group of people who are passionate about science and genetics, and we want to make the benefits more accessible to you. So we have come up with some fun, efficient and accurate tests for you to take so you can discover your genetic make-up.

what are genes?

Genes are the blueprint of a living organism. Imagine a Lego toy made of a few hundred different bricks – these are proteins. However, to build the toy you need a manual, which tells you how to put these different pieces together – these are your genes. They tell the cellular machinery how to assemble proteins step by step. Minor changes may arise in the manual, and this is what makes us all unique and gives rise to cool features, such as resistance to HIV.

we know our stuff

We are driven by a passion for genetics. We have spent years doing research, optimising methods and developing tests, and we want to share our results with you! During this time we isolated (literally!) hundreds of miles of DNA (each cell contains about 2 metres when stretched out). We’re also the winners of the 2012 BioPioneer Award for the best Business Idea.

our philosophy

Health is not all doom and gloom! Unlike other genetic testing websites, we do not diagnose your likelihood of developing Parkinson’s or your susceptibility to cancer. We want to help you make the most of the positive side of your genes, not minimize the negative side.

We try to keep the prices as low as possible, so that more people can explore their biology. There are a number of new tests in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Want to know more about how these tests work? That’s great, we’d be glad to explain as we love talking about science! Just contact us using the form below!